Bass Guitar (ベーシスト) Brian Minato (Sarah McLachlan's band) Vancouver 音楽 (DVD Mirrorball) ベース・ソロって最悪 (ドラム・ソ

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Bass Guitar (ベーシスト) Brian Minato (Sarah McLachlan's band) Vancouver based musician. 音楽 (DVD Mirrorball) ベース・ソロって最悪w (ドラム・ソロよりはマシだが)

Has played bass in Sarah McLachlan's band from 1991-2006.(15年間)

Brian Minato is a Vancouver based musician. He has been an active member of the music industry for 21 years. Some of the artists he has recorded with include Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Delerium, Luke Doucet, Mae Moore, Wild Strawberries, DMC, boywonderbread, Sandy Scofield and Maren Ord. 

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Brian Minato (Sarah McLachlan's bassist)

This is Google's cache of

Anyway, I got an urge last night and dug out "Mirrorball" (live set from Sarah with Brian listed as bassist)...   man I love Brian's lines!!! The whole band is happening, and Sarah has a damn sexy voice... but I think the bass is what I like most.

      ↑ ベースなんて ほとんど聴こえないんだが w w w

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Brian Minato (Sarah McLachlan's bassist)

yeah, saw him with Sarah at the Theater at MSG in late '97.

Through a record company friend, I had second row center seats. I remember some serious deep deep bass from that night, some tasty playing and a great groove. The drummer in the band (now Sarah's husband) is great also, and made for a great bass/drums combination.

I think he was playing a 70's jazz that night.

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Brian Minato (Sarah McLachlan’s bassist)

I also think Brian's style fits Sarah's songs perfectly......nice deep tone!

Brian's Bass line makes this song. Then I saw some vids of Butterfly Butcher filling in - wonder why - and she was not even close to Brian in technique...just my opinion.