Chat in English thread

1名無しさん@Next2ch:2016/01/21(木) 19:30:40.40 ID:sCEud8iR

This thread is to chat in English.

If you post only English, please add Zenkaku-space in end of a sentence. 

2名無しさん@Next2ch:2016/01/21(木) 19:46:40.84 ID:hMZ4fmKq

Is your English correct? 

3名無しさん@Next2ch:2016/01/21(木) 19:48:55.62 ID:iLDG4R9X

Post test :) 

4名無しさん@Next2ch:2016/01/21(木) 19:55:43.79 ID:sCEud8iR

About >>1?
I don't know.
Because My English skills is very low. 

5名無しさん@Next2ch:2016/01/21(木) 20:36:21.77 ID:hMZ4fmKq


>>to chat
it is iffy 

6名無しさん@Next2ch:2016/06/26(日) 05:32:38.27 ID:oeE4xii9

12 language translation image board
let's play together!
anime board

7名無しさん@Next2ch:2016/10/17(月) 03:55:53.19 ID:KjhuOQBw

Is this website abandoned?